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24h Emergency Service

In the province of Quebec, Mother Nature isn’t easy on us. Due to the extreme cold weather, the thaw and the significant temperature changes, our roofs are continuously being tested. Problems can occur at any time of the day or night.

Some complications, such as water infiltration, can have serious consequences and damage very expensive equipment and assets. That is why we have developed an emergency service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You'll never be caught off guard.

For any emergency, do not hesitate to contact us at any time! We have several emergency teams for a rapid service at all times!

(514) 895-3347

  • Available 7 days a week
  • Several emergency teams
  • Quick and professional service
  • Sparing of additional costs related to infiltration



Green roof installation:

The installation of a green roof has many advantages for the environment as well as for you! A green roof is made from a perfectly classic waterproof roof on which is installed some anti-root membrane filters, a layer of microbial growth and plants.

These roofs can reduce the urban heat island effect; they purify the air and save energy, as well as helping biodiversity. In addition, green roofs have increased resistance to fire and provide excellent sound insulation.

  • Reduces urban heat island
  • Purifies the air
  • Energy savings
  • Fire resistant
  • Excellent acoustic insulation

Installation of Elastomeric membrane on rooftop

Today, 50% of new flat roofs in Canada are made of bituminous membrane modified into elastomeric membrane. These are used in the construction to reduce maintenance and to assure a uniform quality. These bilayer membranes are composed of a basal membrane and a cap sheet membrane of coloured granules, which replace gravel asphalt.

The traditional technique to install elastomeric membrane is done with a welding torch. They melt the top and bottom membranes and then heat fuses them together which creates a single continuous membrane. These elastomeric bitumen membranes have an average lifespan of about 20 years, but a well-ventilated roof installed on a membrane can certainly last up to 30 years with very little maintenance if done properly.

  • Requires very little maintenance
  • Consistent quality
  • 30 year lifespan
  • Coloured finishing layer

Elastomeric membrane on structural foundation

The installation of elastomeric membranes allows the complete waterproofing of a foundation or a basin. Long term, the natural soil moisture can damage the condition of the concrete and cause many problems including water infiltration.

That is why it is essential to choose the right membrane and install it according to the strict industry standards. Our specialists can offer you different types of membranes that will meet your standards and requirements.

  • Complete sealing of foundations or basin
  • Prevents concrete’s deterioration
  • Thorough and professional installation

Asphalt and gravel sheathing

The asphalt and gravel multilayer roofing is ideal for flat roofs or low slope roofs. This is one of the oldest systems for roofs. This system has an average lifespan of about 16 to 20 years. It is possible to opt for the white gravel as well as other several types of felt. Warranties offered by some manufacturers are excellent because this method has been proven for a long time.

  • Ideal for flat or low-slope roofs
  • 16 to 20 year lifespan
  • Reliable roof system
  • Good warranty by the manufacturers

EPDM sheathing

The EPDM monolayer membrane is composed of synthetic rubber. It is an excellent choice for the environment since it is fully recyclable. This flexible membrane is durable, lightweight and resistant to moisture and is ideal for covering large areas for a low cost.

Whether it is fully adhered, mechanically fastened or ballasted; the EPDM membrane offers exceptional resistance to wind uplift. The lifespan of this coating ranges from 20 to 40 years.

  • Fully recyclable
  • Covers large areas for low costs
  • Durable membrane and resistant to moisture
  • Lifespan up to 40 years

TPO sheathing (thermoplastic polyolefin)

The TPO is resistant to ultraviolet rays for 40 to 50 years without granules on the surface and is easily washable compared to pelleted membranes. Unlike all other types of roofs, it is resistant to chemicals. This coating is fully recyclable and its lifespan is from 20 to 40 years.

The TPO membrane type is vinyl-based. This type of membrane is always welded with hot air; it is fully adhered, ballasted or mechanically attached. This monolayer membrane is available in different colors, but the most popular remains the white membrane because it reflects sunlight, reducing the presence of urban heat islands.

  • Ultraviolet resistant up to 50 years
  • Resistant to chemical products
  • Fully recyclable
  • Easy to repair

Additional services and maintenance


Repair services

We offer a complete repair service for all kinds of interventions. Whether it is finding the cause for a water infiltration or achieving a waterproof seal for a new opening in order to receive new units. Call us today for a maintenance proposal. We will perform an initial inspection of your roof to determine the existing condition, identify any items that require immediate attention, and recommend a maintenance program to suit your building.

By opting for our repair service, you are sure to increase the lifespan of your roof by getting a high quality service and the best preventive advice available. Be proactive and not reactive for your roofing needs!

  • Repairs of all kinds
  • Repair of water leakage
  • Opening and permeability of new equipment on the roof
  • Preventive repairs

Preventive maintenance plan

With your hectic lifestyle, it is easy to forget or postpone actions that can save you a lot of money. Studies have proven that it is five times less expensive to regularly inspect the roof than waiting for problems to arise.

That is why we have developed a preventive maintenance system for your needs. Whether it is a turnkey program or just an annual visit, our specialists will guide you to maximize the life of your roof.

  • Short and long term savings
  • Maximisation of the lifespan of your roof
  • Peace of mind

Surface material inspection

The inspection of your roof’s coating should be done twice a year; in the fall and late winter when the roof is fully accessible. Adopting this habit rigorously will increase greatly the roof’s lifespan at a low cost.

Thus the problematic surfaces will be detected, and in most cases, repaired before infiltration affects the roofing system. This will save you significant costs of repairing damage caused by infiltration.

  • Longer lifespan of the roof
  • Prevents against infiltrations
  • Quick detection of problems

Snow removal

Snow loads can cause significant problems to the structure of a building or damage the roofing membrane by causing infiltration. These charges are rarely evenly arranged on the roof and vary depending on exposure to wind, the shape of the roof and the area where the building is located.

That is why, after a significant accumulation of snow, it is essential to shovel the snow off the roof. The best way to protect your investment is to entrust this work to a professional to eliminate the risk of damaging the roof, or worse, perforate the membranes that protect you from the weather.

  • Prevention of damages caused by snow overload
  • Protection of your investment
  • Prevention of damages caused by a bad snow removal